Ayo Akinwande

Ayo Akinwande was born in Lagos and he is a graduate of Architecture from Covenant University, Nigeria. In his journey to creative freedom, he found expression in the art of photography and has since sought to expound his expressive and thematic scope.

His work focuses on the performative possibilities of everyday life; drawing his props from the same palette. He strives to re-create surreal experiences which he believes through keen observation can be traced in memory and reality. He addresses social issues with the use of satire, while holding a light to interpersonal relationships.

In 2015, he had two solo exhibitions with titles; “Women of Africa” in Athens, Greece and “Boju-Boju” in Lagos Nigeria. Ayo was also part of the “What’s Inside Her Never Dies” group exhibition at the Yeelen gallery in Miami, USA. The same show was also featured at the 2015 Art Basel Miami.

In his new project titled “Power Show” to be exhibited at the National Museum, Lagos in August 2017, he will be exploring large scale installations involving the use of found objects, photographs, newspaper archives, sound and performance in addressing the electricity, corruption and economic problems in Nigeria. Ayo lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.