Jochen Becker

Jochen Becker (Berlin) works as an author, lecturer and curator. He is a founding member of metroZones – Center for Urban Affairs. He has (co)edited several books, e.g. bignes? (2001) or Kabul/Teheran 1979ff (2006), and recently Urban Prayers (2011) as well as Faith his the Place (2012) and Global Prayers (2014). He (co)curated exhibitions such as the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers (2012/13, nGbK Berlin, Camera Austria, Graz) and Self Made Urbanism Rome (2013/14/15, nGbK Berlin, Metropoliz Rome, Maxxi Rome). He was artistic director of the Global Prayers project at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), where he curated Aernout Mik – Speaking in Tongues. In 2014/15, Jochen Becker directed the postgraduate Art & Architecture program at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Since 2014 he co-curates the ‚station urbaner Kulturen’ in Berlin-Hellerdorf.