Payne Zhu

Payne Zhu (born 1990)is living and working in Shanghai. He graduated from ShanghaiUniversity of International Business and Economics and worked as new media marketing manager at L’ORÉAL China from 2013-2014.

He is a self-taught artist.


好景不常在 光复路235号 上海
You Won’t Be Young Forever, No.235 Guangfu Road, Shanghai
地下 清影艺术空间 杭州
Underground, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou
⽩白⽇日梦 夜⽆无眠 ⽃斗鱼直播 互联⽹网
Live streaming/Life’s dreaming,, Online
展览的噩梦(下) 上海当代艺术博物馆 上海
The Nightmare of the Exhibition Part II, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai
腹地计划 时代美术馆 ⼴广州
Hinterland Project, Times Museum, Guangzhou
地⽅方⼯工作 激烈空间 上海
Difang Work Project, Radical Space, Shanghai
⼀一个幽灵 游荡剧场微信群 互联⽹网
A Specter, Wechat group, Online
展览的噩梦(上) 激烈空间 上海
The Nightmare of the Exhibition Part I, Radical Space, Shanghai
被偷⾛走的能量 昌平⼤大厦209号 上海
The Hidden Potential, ChangPing Building, Shanghai