“Perhaps given the deep, and lasting trauma of South Africa’s history and the attendant focus in the post-apartheid context on cultural production as articulations of self, identity politics and associated micro-narratives – the desire to invest in cultural responses to a macro (and frankly often quite abstract subject like Africa-China) simply isn’t a strong one. Or it talks, in part, to South Africa’s continued strained relationship with the rest of the continent. As a result, a strategy of engagement was borne that focused on this printed publication whose scripto/visual form allowed writers, academics and journalists to contribute in the same forum as sculptors, photographers and filmmakers, and vice-versa. As with a great many things in researching the Africa-China phenomenon this publication is an alloy or conceptual hybrid that was shaped into making largely by its own content and human capital.” Michael Mac Garry

Editor: Michael MacGarry

Contributors:  Sammy Baloji, Samuel Fosso, Daniel Halter, William Kentridge, Juliette Leeb-du Toit, Michael MacGarry, Richard Poplak, Ella Raidel, Dr. Ruth Simbao, Moffat Takadiwa, Dr. Cobus von Staden, James Webb and Jochen Becker

Download the complete pdf here:
Chinafrika_Working Group South Africa_Publication