021 // Golf

At the edges of the Tanzanian port metropolis Dar es Salam, Chinese and local businessmen are playing golf. Baggage trading and big business go hand in hand. ->read more

022 // China Poster

Posters of dream houses made in China decorating many houses and huts in Lubumbashi. The glitzy lifestyle of social climbers featuring mansions, limousines and toy girls is the promise of a glamorous form of globalization, bearing the marks of the West. ->read more

023 // Collapsing New-Buildings

In 1985, the Berlin band ‘Einstürzende Neubauten’ (Collapsing New Buildings) published the industrial track ‘Yü Gung (Feed my Ego)’. Blixa Bargeld, the band’s singer, mentioned Mao’s fable in an interview, but also refers to the 1976 documentary film project ‘Comment Yukong déplaça les montagnes’. ->read more

024 // How Yukong Moved the Mountains

The almost 13-hour documentary film ‘Comment Yukong déplaça les montagnes’ (How Yukong Moved the Mountains) from 1976 shows daily life at the end of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens developed the 13-part film from 1972 to 1974 together with Marceline Loridan Ivens and a Chinese crew. ->read more